Here are a few musical compositions;

written/ performed by Mark Hannah

© 1980-2007 unless otherwise noted.

Unauthorized duplication for sale is prohobited by US and International Copyright Laws.

Dont be a hoser and steal my stuff for profit, OK ?

Songs are in mp3 format

Click on the song Title and either save it to disk or run it - I have Norton Anti Virus Protection so the files are virus free

Please, A little patience during downloading may be necessary depending on your connction speed. Thank You


Into The Light - © 2006 Mark Hannah

Inspiring ? Rock Instrumental - 2.83 mb mp3


Jamaica Tobacco © 2003 Mark Hannah

Latin Jazz instrumental - 6.97 mb mp3


In the Nursery © 2004 Mark Hannah

Classical - 9.25mb mp3


Acceptance © 2008 Mark Hannah

Mellow Latin Jazz instrumental - 3.80 mb mp3


To Noah at Portland Music, in Beaverton, Oregon, The Man, who sold me the best damn fender strat in the world,

words cant express my gratitude, Dude !