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Quickar Electronics, Inc.
Independant distributor stocking obsolete and hard to find components
a Division of Quickar Electronics, Inc.
NEW 999 NYLON STAND-OFFS 1-5/8" total height W/self adhesive on 3/4" square base $.10 EACH 100 PER BAG $7.50 PER BAG
NEW 492 ALUMINUM STAND-OFFS 1-3/4" total height $.10 EACH 24 PER BAG $2.00 PER BAG
NEW 5092 BRASS STAND-OFFS 3/8" total height $.02 EACH 100 PER BAG $1.00 PER BAG
NEW 47 Panel Components Corp 9-volt battery clamp (holds 9v battery tightly in any position) $.25 EACH NA NA
used/good 15 WORKBENCH PARTS BIN UNITS (overall 3-1/2" X 24") EACH BIN IS 3-1/2" X 3" - TOTAL 8 BINS PER UNIT $2.00 EACH NA NA
NEW 132 ALUMINUM GEAR SPROCKETS double row of 22 teeth-1" outer diameter-fits 1/4" motor shaft(FITS STEPPER MOTOR # PH42B1) $2.00 (per tube of 10 gears) NA NA
NEW 52 NYLON BELT FOR ABOVE GEARS (gives approx 5-1/4" between gears spacing) $.50 NA NA
NEW 50 Replacement BANANA TIPS $.15 NA NA
used/good lots of 'em SWITCHES (assorted styles and values) $.75 NA NA
NEW 100 pieces 7" long rubber hoses (fits ASF THOMAS 003V PUMPS) $ .10 each piece 100/bag $ 9.00/bag
NEW limited to stock on hand ASSORTED TERMINAL BLOCKS $.10/POLE NA NA
NEW 14 BOXES BRADY LETTERING KIT (self-adhesive black letters on yellow backgroung) each letter is 3/4"high x 1/2" wide...32 of each letter of the alphabet per box $2.50 PER BOX NA NA
NEW 11 BOXES same as above but NUMBERS 2-3/16" high x 7/8" wide (20 of each number 0-9 per box) $2.50 PER BOX NA NA
NEW limited quantities "120 VOLT" SIGNS (18 PER SHEET) 2-1/4" long X 1/2" tall (some are seperated, some must be cut to use individually) black type on orange background $.50 PER SHEET NA NA
NEW 33 PKGS "120 VOLT" SIGNS (20 per package) 4-7/16" long X 1-1/16" tall (black type on orange background) $1.00 PER PKG. NA NA
NEW 300 CENTRIFUGE TUBES-15ML (disposable) with plastic tops NA 100 PER BOX $12.00 PER BOX

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