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These were never mounted in the notebook computers, because some idiot at the assembly line stripped one of the screw holes in the side of the drive - these are BRAND NEW, and have plenty of other mounting holes to hold them in place


TEAC 24X CD-ROM Drives


The TEAC CD-224E Super-Slim 24X CD-ROM drive barely more than a centimeter in height, but it provides big performance. This space-saving CD-ROM drive reads CDs at the fastest speeds available for notebook computers, transferring data at up to 3,600KB/second. But that’s not all, this drive also features very low power consumption, so it won’t drain your notebook’s battery either. For a CD-ROM drive that has it all, fast read speed, space-saving size, and low battery drain, go with the CD-224E from TEAC.

Bare drive only - no cables or drivers

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